“Platonic Microdosings” Hologram NFT series launches in prep for EthDenver week

moestradamus has launched his latest “phygital” NFT series, “Platonic Microdosings,” in preparation for a big week in the Rocky Mountain Cryptosphere. This week sees what has been called the “Super Bowl of cryptocurrency conferences,” EthDenver, descend upon Denver IRL and in the Metaverse. A plethora of official events and afterparties, as well as satellite events are happening at some of the city’s most futuristic venues.

On Valetine’s Day, Lightbrush will be at the Web < 3 Wubbers party featuring Beats Antique with live visuals by Android Jones, Imagika Om, and The Groucho Fractal Show. We will be hosting an NFT vending booth, as well as giving a brief talk on the coming launch of $MNDFL coin.

In honor of such a futuristic week, moestradamus has launched the “Platonic Microdosings” — a series of 3D-animated NFTs that unlock a Looking Glass Portrait Holographic Display loaded with the purchased Hologram NFT animation, and any other of the artist’s NFTs that are owned or purchased.

The first 1/1 NFT in the series, “Microdosed Merkaba,” is Moe’s genesis drop on the new Crypto.com NFT Marketplace. The auction ends February 14th at 11:00pm MST and can be viewed at this link.

The second 1/1 NFT in the series, “Dosedecahedron,” goes on auction on Known Origin at 11:00pm MST on Sunday, February 13th, and ends Monday February 14th at 11:00pm MST.

The third in the series, a 3/3 NFT titled “Eyecosahedron,” will serve as moestradamus’ genesis drop on the new Blockparty NFT Marketplace on the Flow blockchain, and marks the first of the artist’s galleries that easily accept both credit card and cryptocurrency payment. The Blockparty auctions run longer, ending on Friday, February 18th.

Each Stereoscopic Hologram NFT was created using Microdose VR and Cinema4D.



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Projection mapping, laser light, and 3D-animation firm led by digital artist moestradamus. www.lightbrushproject.com http://linktr.ee/moestradamus